Home Medicines Review

Home Medicines Review (HMR) are designed to assist individuals living at home to maximise the benefits of their medicine regimen and prevent medication related problems. A HMR Service is available to patient's whose General Practitioner (GP) determines that a HMR is clinically necessary to optimise the quality use of medicines and to address the patient's needs. It includes consideration of how home and lifestyle factors effect medication use, and is the next level of consultation up from a MedsCheck. Ask your pharmacist, or talk to your GP about whether they think a HMR will benefit you.

Residential Medication Management Review

A Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) is a service provided to a permanent resident of an Australian Government funded aged care facility (ACF). This includes permanent residents of an Australian Government funded aged care facility (ACF) in flexible care arrangements (transitional care facilities).When requested by a resident's general practitioner (GP), an accredited pharmacist conducts an RMMR in collaboration with the GP and appropriate members of the eligible resident's healthcare team. Information about the resident's medicine is collated and a comprehensive assessment is undertaken to identify, resolve and prevent medication-related problems. A report of this assessment is provided to the resident's GP.