Sport & Fitness


      It doesn't matter if you are playing for fun, fitness or a national title - sport and fitness in North Queensland can pose many challenges.

      Heat. Ask your local pharmacist about electrolytes to support hydration and your muscles. Some electrolytes support your sporting and fitness experience, others support you when you are sick. The difference is usually magnesium. For most sportspeople in Northern Queensland, magnesium in your electrolytes will support hydration, the energy available for your muscles and help avoid cramping. Not all electrolytes are the same. Many electrolytes are designed to support hydration while you are sick vomiting or with diarrhea. The same magnesium that supports sportspeople and workers in high temperatures can also exacerbate diarrhoea in sick people, so it is purposefully left out of many electrolytes. Ask you pharmacist about doses and which electrolyte is right for the intended purpose.

      Access. It is not as easy to find the right support, brace or compression as it is in major cities. Cate's Chemist consults with a range of health professionals to make sure we have access to the products your physio, exercise physio or physical trainer prescribe. If we don't have it in, we know where to get it. You get the range of products, reassurance and convenience of a trusted, informed supplier.

      Travel. Competitive sport requires North Queenslanders to travel. Check out our travel, first aid and wound care categories for all the items you will need to travel for sport.

      Nutrition. Browse our wide range of sports nutrition products such as protein powders, protein bars, electrolyte, fitness supplements.