Convenient Delivery to Workplaces

Do you often get caught up at work, and lose track of time? Some people benefit from delivery if they are stuck at home without transport. But executives and workers can also benefit from this convenient option. Any workplace with a front counter / reception can benefit from our Delivery service, simply send your orders on our website, using our app or by email. Enjoy the convenience of being able to order at any time that suits you and forget about it until it turns up.

You can pay using card over the phone, over the internet, cash on delivery or by using our MedAdvisor app.

With the rise of technology, many services are becoming increasingly accessible online, this includes pharmacy services. Ordering your medications online has several advantages that you can benefit from. Saving you both time and money as you don't have to travel to the pharmacy and potentially endure queues and waiting times. This can be particularly frustrating especially if in a rush or when you're unwell.

Ordering your medication online ensures that you receive them with convenience. You won't have to worry about collecting your prescription and having it go missing etc. We don't disclose your medical condition or personal information to anyone, plus your medication will be delivered in a secure and discreet package. You can delegate someone to sign for receipt of the delivery (such as at a reception), or you can insist you sign for it.

Overall, medication delivery to your workplace provides a convenient, reliable, and private option for people who are unable to visit a pharmacy in person or who value convenience.  Visit our website or contact one of our friendly staff at Cate's Chemist today to learn more about a delivery service tailored to your needs.