Sleep Apnoea Services

We are excited to be able to offer sleep apnoea services at Cate's Chemist Hyde Park:

Sleep Test
  • Overnight Ambulatory Investigation for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – Bulk Billed, subject to eligibility criteria
  • CPAP Treatment Trials
  • CPAP Treatment Review
  • CPAP Equipment

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a disorder in which breathing is repetitively interrupted during sleep due to collapse of the upper airway. An apnoea is defined as complete cessation of breathing lasting 10 seconds or greater. OSA causes hypertension and neurocognitive impairment whilst severe OSA predisposes to coronary artery disease, stroke and increased mortality.

Typical scenarios

  • Patient complains of daytime sleepiness, awakening with gasping/ choking sensation
  • Partner reports loud snoring, pauses in breathing during sleep
  • Obese patient
  • Complaint of sleep fragmentation
  • Constant fatigue and lack of energy
  • Resistant hypertension

Where to access more information:


In-depth information for clinicians

Overnight Ambulatory Investigations for sleep apnoea at Cate’s Chemist are fully bulk billed with no out of pocket expense to the patient. The customer makes a booking with a referral from their doctor. We coordinate testing and send results to a Sleep Physician. The Physician assesses and reports to the referring doctors within 2 weeks of the sleep test. Referral forms are available at Cate's Chemist Hyde Park. 

CPAP Treatment Trial. If the Sleep Physician and GP consider that a CPAP machine may be appropriate, the doctor can recommend a two to four-week CPAP Treatment Trial at Cate’s Chemist. This allows the patient to ‘try before you buy’ the recommended machine. The patient will pay a hire fee, but this is more economical than the outlay on a machine that we are not sure will have the expected effect.

CPAP Treatment Review. The Cate’s Chemist CPAP Treatment Trial provides a report on outcomes from a Sleep Physician to the referring doctor. The doctor can develop a management plan and make recommendations to the patient based on that report.

CPAP Equipment. There are three key equipment suppliers in the Australian market; Phillips, Fisher Paykal and Resmed. We have chosen to partner with Resmed because of the quality of their equipment and price for the patient. Cate’s Chemist supply three types of Resmed CPAP:

  • Airsense 10 Auto & Elite and Resmed Airsense
  • Air Mini Resmed Air Mini