Sleep Apnoea Services at Hyde Park

Do a couple of these sound familiar?
  • Witnessed Apnoea or Choking
  • Regular Loud Snoring
  • Regular Fatigue or Sleepiness
  • At cardio-vascular risk – Obesity (BMI > 30), Hypertension, Cardiac Disease, Diabetes

You  might benefit from talking to your GP about sleep apnoea. Or you can talk to the staff at Cate's Chemist Hyde Park on 07 4772 2473 or book now.

Cate's Chemist Hyde Park can coordinate and provide:

  • Overnight Ambulatory Investigation for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – Bulk Billed, subject to eligibility criteria
  • CPAP Treatment Trial
  • CPAP Treatment Review
  • CPAP equipment
Rest easy!