Health Supplies


      Cate's Chemist dispense PBS, CTG, DVA, Private, Pharmacy Only and Pharmacist Only Medicines in support of your health and your health care team.

      Cate's Chemist stock health, first aid and wound care supplies that are recommended by local medical and allied health professionals:

      • Family Planning
      • First Aid and Wound Care
      • Foot Care
      • Hair Care
      • Hygiene
      • Skin Care
      • Sports Braces and Rubs
      • Sunglasses and Sunscreen
      • Vitamins and Natural Health
      • Australian Government PBS and TGA Approved

      Cate's Chemist are Defence Friendly. Ask us about any DVA or Garrison services entitlements to medicine, medical devices or supplies.

      Cate's Chemist are the most experienced pharmacy in Townsville caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. Ask us about any CTG or QUMAX entitlements.

      Cate's Chemist maintain a range of medical supplies to support medical centres, clinics and practices around the Townsville area.

      Cate's Chemists are licensed to manufacture and licensed to wholesale. Call 07 4772 2473 to engage us to support your business.

      Cate's Chemist are winding back non-medical supplies. We maintain some items our patients find convenient to pick up while at the pharmacy, and occasionally get good deals on non-medical supplies that we choose to pass onto our patients, but we are realising our vision for an inventory that is "All About Health".