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MedAdvisor is a free app which connects you with our pharmacy. With MedAdvisor you can order medications, receive script & pill reminders, and keep track of your medications including those of the people you care for, all in one app. 

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Download the App.

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MedAdvisor Features

  • See Scripts. A full list of your medications, updated every time a script is filled. See your script details, remaining repeats, dosage, supply details and more.
  • Script Reminders. Automated reminders that let you know when it’s time to fill your recurring scripts, and remind you if you forget.
  • Order Any Time. Order prescriptions ahead of time and collect them at your local pharmacy.
  • Carer Mode. Manage medication and prescriptions for kids, elderly, and other family members under the one MedAdvisor account.
  • Medical Information. Access information about your medications, including tips on how to use it, warnings and cautions, possible side effects and more.
  • Home Delivery. Prescriptions can be paid for via the app and safely delivered to your door.

To find out more visit MedAdvisor website, come see us in store or contact us.