Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions are a new way of getting and dispensing medicines in Australia. They are a digital version of a paper prescription that can be sent from your doctor to your phone or email, or to your Active Script List (ASL), a secure online list of your current prescriptions. You can then use your electronic prescription to get your medicine from any pharmacy that offers this service.

Electronic prescriptions have many benefits for patients and health professionals. They are:

  • Safe and convenient: You don't need to carry or store paper prescriptions, which can be lost or damaged. You can also access your electronic prescriptions anytime and anywhere, as long as you have your phone or email with you.
  • Efficient and streamlined: You can save time by forwarding your electronic prescription to your preferred pharmacy before you visit, or by having it delivered to your home. You can also easily manage your repeats and track your medication history online.
  • Flexible and patient-centred: You can choose whether you want an electronic or paper prescription from your doctor, and which pharmacy you want to get your medicine from. You can also share your electronic prescription with a friend, family member or carer who can collect your medicine on your behalf.
  • COVID-19 friendly: Electronic prescriptions reduce the need for physical contact and movement during the pandemic, protecting you and your health care providers from exposure to infectious diseases.
  • Integrate easily with personal medication management and organiser apps such as MedAdvisor. This can simplify you managing you own medication, or the medication of someone you care for.

Electronic prescriptions are now widely available across Australia, as part of an Australian Government initiative to make the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) more efficient and improve medication safety. They are supported by a technical framework developed by the Australian Digital Health Agency, which ensures the privacy and security of your personal information and aligns with the relevant legislation.

If you are interested in using electronic prescriptions, you can talk to your doctor or pharmacist about this option – ask about Tokens and the ASL. Tokens suit one medication, the ASL suits multiple medications and repeats. You can also visit the websites of the Department of Health, the Australian Digital Health Agency, or the Pharmaceutical Guild of Australia for more information and resources.